Leather Wedge Pouch
Leather Wedge Pouch
Leather Wedge Pouch
Leather Wedge Pouch

Westcoast Saw Leather Wedge Pouch

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Crafted by hand in Northern California, this wedge pouch is made of premium vegtan cowhide leather. Pouch can hold up to four 12" wedges and includes two tool holders. Due to the nature of the authentic material, all pouches are one-of-a-kind and may contain hide markings or variations in color or texture. Unique marks provide character and do not negatively impact the strength or durability of the product. 

  • Cutouts at bottom corners of pouch prevents debris and chip buildup.
  • Pouches are durable but light - 5-6 ounce thick leather.
  • Westcoast Saw logo is hand stamped on the front with a custom branding iron. Brand marking may vary in sharpness.
  • Front pocket is 8" deep. Back is 9.75" deep. 

Our pouch works with any belt 2" or less including the WCS leather belt and Grizzly Peak belt. Both are available and sold separately. 

Maintenance: Keep oiled with olive oil, neatsfoot oil or any boot grease. 

Note: Pouch does not include pictured wedges or tools.