At this time, our focus is on developing high-quality after- market products. We don’t offer any saw modification or repair services.

We do not have a storefront. Please place your order online – we ship quickly!

We make a bark box for most Stihl-brand two-piece mufflers. If your model is not listed on our website model drop-down list, it’s incompatible with a Bark Box. Most likely, your saw has a one-piece muffler.

We don’t make a Bark Box for Husqvarna saws; they all have a one-piece muffler.

Yes, please call to place a special order. In some cases, the 660 Bark Box will be compatible with the late model 064. Call/email for fit specifications before ordering.

No, because the ms261 has a one-piece muffler. We offer a Universal Exhaust Power Port sized specifically for the ms261. This can be installed with included hardware or plug welded onto the muffler. See our video for instructions.


Air Cleaner System

Installation instructions are included in each air filter
package. The filter needs to be oiled before installation. We strongly recommend Bel-Ray liquid or Uni Filter liquid Filter Oil. Important to note - Spray oils will not penetrate the foam

When applying the Foam Filter Oil, saturate the filter entirely and then squeeze out all the excess oil. This will allow the oil to penetrate into the filter. After squeezing out the excess oil, dab the outside of the filter with a paper towel. We've found through experience that this is the best way to protect your engine against particles getting through.

On some of the smaller saws (Stihl ms261, 362c, etc), a black plastic rod must be trimmed down so the filter fits properly on the housing. Trim the rod, but not completely flush, as the inside is hollow at the base. The filter should then sit flush. If you trim the rod too short, use RTV silicone to fill it.

Stihl ms261 - In order to remove the nuts to take the baffle out, you need to apply heavy pressure; it is a really tight fit. You have to force the socket somewhat aggressively. If you have a thin-walled socket that should work perfectly. You won't have to worry about damaging or breaking the plastic around the nut. Once you are in, you should be able to use your socket and take that nut off.

Bark Box

Remove the four bolts holding on the front plate of your current muffler cover. Swap the Bark Box in place of your previous cover and reinstall the four bolts. *Note that you’ll want to add more fuel anytime you open up the muffler. If your saw is Mtronic or fuel-injected, it will self-adjust. You’ll want to make manual adjustments if you have a carbureted saw. See Fuel Adjustment Tips below or watch our online video.

460/461 Bark Box Only – Bend over the screen tabs during installation so the cover sits flush. See our videos page for more information. 

Gasket Tip - There is a gasket on some muffler models. When removing the factory muffler cover, go slowly to prevent the gasket from tearing. If it’s still intact, the gasket can be reused with the Bark Box. However, it’s not required.

Fuel Adjustment Recommendations at SEA LEVEL

For turning up the fuel on the manual saws, there are three screws in the carburetor. Usually, two are side by side and one is above or below. The two that are closest together are the high and low fuel adjustments, the other is idle. On the low screw, (which is always the closest screw to the cylinder) turn counterclockwise for more fuel and clockwise for less fuel. This is the same for the high screw. If you have limiter caps on the end of the screws, you can remove these by running a screw into the middle of them and pull them out with a set of pliers. When these are removed, you can grind off the small tab and push them back onto the screw and you will have full adjustment. After this, go clockwise until it stops and call that zero. Then count your carb turns going counterclockwise. The carb settings we recommend are 1 & 1/8 to 1 & 1/4 turn on the low and 1 to 1 1/8 turn on the high (this is at sea level and a good place to start on settings), then reset the idle. After that, watch your spark screens or your plug for color. It should look brown like a cardboard box.

Faller’s Suspension Kit

To install the rubber buffers, first, remove the air cleaner cover and air cleaner. There is a spring on the clutch side; remove the top bolt. Remove the handlebar and lay the saw on the starter side (clutch side toward the ceiling).
There is a bolt above the bottom dog bolt, It is countersunk into the case. Remove that bolt. This will allow the front mount to drop out and you will be able to replace both rubber buffers and sponge.

500i Kit Only– Follow the directions as written above. The spring will screw onto the front mount. Once you install the spring on the front mount, you can reattach the bolt to the case. When this is complete you should be able to grab the tank and swing it away from the case allowing you to get to the rear mounts.

Universal Exhaust Power Port

Identify a flat spot on your current muffler that fits the size port you’ve ordered. Hold the port in the position you want and then take something sharp like a nail and outline the inside of the port onto the muffler. (A Sharpie outline will work as well) Then take a drill bit, drill a hole, and dremel out to the line you've etched/drawn. Then you can either use the included mounting hardware or weld it on. See our installation video for step-by-step instructions of how to use the hardware.

Adding some fuel to your carb settings is a good idea whenever you muffler mod a carbureted saw. See our Fuel Adjustment recommendations.

A Universal Port can be installed on any muffler area, as long as the airflow direction does not cause any other issues, such as melting plastics.

The 261 Universal Port is most commonly installed on the starter side of the muffler.

We’ve designed our 3-point felling dogs with functionality in mind. The middle spike falls directly in line with the chain kerf. This allows for a smoother cut and great articulation, especially when bucking or lining up face cuts.

Customers may lose up to an inch of bar length with some of the 3-points.

Insider tip – the 3-point 462 felling dogs (100-0217) are a replica of the 066/660/661/500i/044/064/440/441 felling dogs (100-0206) – just slightly smaller. Recommend these to customers who want a smaller-scale version of 100-0206.

With any oversized dual-felling dog set-up, the chain catcher is necessary for added strength against the force of twisting. We fully guarantee our felling dogs against breakage, but ONLY when customers run the Stihl brand chain catcher. You may experience breakage of the outer dog if choosing not to run a Stihl brand chain catcher.

We do not include hardware with our felling dogs. You can use the existing hardware if you’re already running dual dogs. If you’re going to be drilling through your clutch cover, you may need 14-16mm bolts. If your clutch cover has pre-drilled holes, 12mm bolts should be sufficient.

The most common reason for pinching is that the outside dog bolts have been installed in the wrong direction. They need to be installed with the bolt head on the inside of the cover, and the nut on the outside.

Another reason is that the bar is not flat. We see this most commonly with Stihl lightweight bars. The customer may need to use a flat file to true up their bar.

No. The standard and captive nut covers are uniquely manufactured. We have replacement captive nuts available upon request.

Whether a forestry professional or enthusiast, Westcoast Saw believes in listening to our customer’s needs. That’s what drives us to innovate and produce high-quality American-made aftermarket chainsaw products. Keeping our manufacturing in the U.S. helps support our local economy and small business. And it means products are available when you need them.