“Great  job on the Bark Box.
Fit was perfect. Construction and materials are top notch.”

Jason W.

“I can’t express enough my gratitude for your customer service. You’ve got a customer for life!”

Keenan M.

“Just received your bark box for my new ms500i and wanted to say wow it really woke the saw up. Wanted to tell you I'm very impressed with the quality of the bark box and I can feel the saw pulling harder.”

Scott D.

“Long-time customer…you guys by far make the best Dogs and on the market.”

Ethan V.

“Your customer service is 2nd to none. I truly appreciate this”

Steven H.

“I wanna start by saying “ Hell yeah”! You guys kick ass. Way to take an already great saw and make it even more awesome! Started with the bark box and the suspension kit and one at a time I’ve ordered almost all the mods y’all have created!”

Bryan W.

“Thanks again for making quality products that make my life easier.”

Jack T.

“I recently purchased a bark box for one of my saws and I can’t believe the overall response throughout the rpms. I’ve done lots of my own rebuilds and port work bought other muffler mods, but nothing compares to your bark box for a simple bolt on power mod. Plus, it’s not going to get all dented up; it’s rigid. Good job, great design. You guys really must have put some time and testing into it”

Corey B.

“Just wanted to give a HUGE thanks to all of you for making awesome products! Yesterday I upgraded my 500i with your bark box, fallers suspension kit, and 3-point felling dogs…Wow, the difference is unbelievable!!! It's like a brand new saw and better than it ever was. It picks up so quick and it sounds like an 880 on steroids!”

Dave D.

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