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I am honestly blown away
with the entire experience. Beyond happy with all the products, product videos, and the staff there! I don't normally rate any experience beyond a 10/10 but this one was!


“This BarkBox is way more than a cool sounding exhaust, it is a game changer. Every STIHL saw that can take one of these should have one on it. Your stuff kicks ass!!”


Just ordered leather belt and wedge pouch and wanted to say the quality is top notch…design of the wedge pouch is perfec.


“…great job on the Bark Box. Fit was perfect. The construction and materials are top-notch…I have already noticed excellent
performance gains.”


I would rate it a 10 out of 10, the customer service with WCS is the best I have ever dealt with.


I recently purchased a set of your 3-point dogs for my Husqvarna 550XP, and I can't even begin to tell you how much of a difference it made…The dog bites and stays engaged until I'm ready to move the saw.


“I upgraded my 500i with your bark box, fallers suspension kit and 3-point felling dogs. Wow the difference is unbelievable!!! It's like a brand-new saw and better than it ever was. It picks up so quick and it sounds like an 880 on steroids!


After using the 3 point
dogs for my Dolmar 7900 the difference is amazing! The functionality is phenomenal…As a small tree business owner, I wanted to say thank you for having great products that truly save me time when I’m working, at a very reasonable price point none the less!


Very good USA made quality... I am very pleased with the products I have purchased so far. I look forward to being a frequent customer.

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We're proud to support those that serve our country, including current and former members of the U.S. military.