Springboard Toe

Springboard Toe

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Inspired by the historical nature of logging in the Pacific Northwest and California Redwood forests. 

Westcoast Saw springboard toes are made from 3/16" Corten Steel. This type of weathering steel is designed to rust on the surface but not all the way through. This item is sold uncoated but may be painted if desired. If left uncoated, the natural rusting of the surface metal will result in a vintage appearance. 

Comes with square nuts and 3/8" bolts. *Note - Bolts are extra long and can be cut down depending on your final board thickness.

Historical springboards were typically 6-8" wide, 2" thick and 55-65" long.

Additional History: Many trees in these regions were larger and had to be cut higher up off the ground. To gain access to this higher point, fallers would use springboards. The term springboard came from the fact that the boards would bounce up and down like a spring when in use. 


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