Uni Filter Foam Filter Oil 16 oz

Uni Filter Foam Filter Oil 16 oz

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Uni Filter Foam Filter Oil 16 oz is specially formulated to provide proper service and maintenance of your foam filter unit. It will allow for maximum filtration efficiency without restricting air flow and it resists draining off the filter. Made in the USA.

Note - ALL foam filters must be properly oiled before installation. Without sufficient oil the air filter will fail to stop harmful dirt particles from entering your engine which may result in decreased performance and serious engine damage. 

Directions for use - Pour oil into clean container. Saturate the foam completely. Squeeze out all excess oil and re-install the air filter. Be sure that the filter is clean and dry before oiling to prevent thinning of the oil. Video instructions can be seen on the manufacture website here - https://unifilter.com/cleaning-oiling/