3-Point Westcoast Saw® Felling Dogs

Part Number: 100-0201

These 3-point felling dogs (bumper spikes) are made from a proprietary ultra-high strength steel. With a longer center dog that lines up with the chain kerf, this design offers better articulation and a smoother, more effortless cut. Made in the USA.

Included: All Husqvarna, Makita, and Echo dual felling dog models include a chain catcher. Stihl compatible felling dogs and single spike dogs do not include a chain catcher. 

All models are sold as a set, with the exception of the top or rear handle models and Stihl 250 which is a single felling dog. 

Installation Notes:

Clutch Cover - Some clutch covers may not have revision holes pre-drilled from the factory. This may require you to drill through your cover to attach the outside dog. Look on the inside of your cover for hex shaped indentions. That's where you will drill.

Warranty - You must run a Stihl chain roller on any dual felling dog setup to add additional strength and support. Without running a chain roller on these felling dogs, the stress may cause the outside dog to fracture. We only guarantee our felling dogs if you run the chain roller. Chain roller for all Stihl compatible dogs sold separately.

Stihl® is a registered trademark of Stihl® Incorporated and is used only to describe their products.