Air Cleaner Systems

Part Number: 100-0600

The Stihl® Air Cleaner System by Red Beard Saws is made from 60 PPI polyurethane foam and TPU flexible 3D printed material. The 60 PPI polyurethane foam captures dirt and foreign particulates better than paper or gauze, thus offering superior filtration for your chainsaw.

  • Filter does require oiling with a foam filter oil (Do NOT use spray oil).
  • DO NOT clean with gas as it will dissolve the adhesive. 
  • The Air Cleaner System will fit under your stock hood.
  • Your kit will include installation directions - please read these thoroughly!

Protect your investment with a Westcoast Saw by Red Beard Saws Air Cleaner System today!

 Stihl® is a registered trademark of Stihl®Incorporated and is used only to describe their products.