Uni Filter Foam Filter Cleaner 14.5 oz

Uni Filter Foam Filter Cleaner 14.5 oz

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*Aerosol cleaner can only be shipped within the US by ground service (excluding Hawaii and Alaska). It cannot be shipped internationally.*

Uni Filter Foam Filter Cleaner 14.5 oz is specially formulated to provide proper service and maintenance of your foam filter unit. Convenient aerosol spray formulation. Made in the USA.

Directions for use - Remove the filter element from the engine and shake off any loose dirt or dust. Spray the filter element with UNI Filter Cleaner inside and out. Let stand for 3 minutes. Rinse with plain water. A second application may be necessary for heavily soiled elements. Let dry, re-oil with Uni Filter Foam Filter Oil, and reinstall the filter on the engine. Video instructions can be seen on the manufacture website here - https://unifilter.com/cleaning-oiling/

Note - We do not recommend cleaning your foam filter with gasoline.