About Us

First established in 2018 by owner and founder Gordy Perrigo, Westcoast Saw is all about getting more out of chainsaws. Whether it's getting more power and torque or building a product that makes your job easier, we're all about it. 

Our story began in 2013 when Gordy moved to Washington State, having purchased property where trees needed to be felled. After asking around to find a saw, a good friend gave him an old, blown-up Stihl flat top 066 that Gordy could rebuild. Once it was done, he realized there was a lot you could do to these saws.

After building a few saws for local fallers and arborists, the word spread fast about Gordy's motor building skills, and that was when Westcoast Saw was formed. 

Gordy used his expertise in building saws to identify a niche in the market that wasn’t being met – high-quality American-made aftermarket chainsaw products. Today, our goal is to identify and engineer the products that our customers need most to get the job done.

At Westcoast saw, we stand behind our products 100%. Whether you are working in the forestry industry or are an everyday forestry enthusiast, we invite you to come and explore all that we have to offer.

Westcoast Saw is based in Maple Valley, Washington. We put old-school values into our work, where things are done right the first time!